Fullriver DC210-12 AGM 12v

Marc KurthMarc Kurth Solar Expert Posts: 844 ✭✭✭✭
A man called me to ask if I wanted to buy his 16 month old, unused Fullriver AGM batteries. He bought 32 of them for $, but the project fell through, so they have been sitting in his warehouse. They are 12v, 210 ah (20 hr) in the 4D frame size.

I brought 8 in for testing. They came in at 12.49v to 12.55v, all accepted a full charge normally. I capacity tested two of them and they held a 75 amp constant load for 106 and 108 minutes - right on target. Two went into a Sprinter Van conversion, four went into an off grid home of a man who is really down and out, and needed help. I already have a home for the remaining two.

If anyone is looking for a low cost AGM battery bank, I can put you in touch with him - he is selling them for $250. each when buying two or more, plus freight. Freight may not be as scary as some folks think - depending upon your location. For example, I shipped four on a pallet for $170. to Denver from Texas. Here is a data sheet http://centexbatteries.com/fullriver/dc/DC210-12.pdf

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