APS terminating some Net Metering Credits for Time of Use (TOU) residential customers.

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With the 2017 Settlement Agreement, APS is correcting a Net Metering error they made many years ago.  That correction is documented in the Net Metering EPR-6F Tariff, which replaces the Net Metering EPR-6 Tariff.

Here is the text for the EPR-6 Tariff:
"For customers taking service under time-of-use rates, Customer Supply and Customer Purchases will be segmented by on-peak and off-peak periods. Excess Generation kWh credits will be applied to the time-of-use periods in which the kWh were generated by the customer."

Here is the text in the EPR-6F Tariff:
"If a Customer is served under a time-of-use rate, the export energy will be netted according to
the on-peak and off-peak periods, i.e. on-peak export energy will be netted against on-peak
energy from the Company and vice-versa, for all unbundled components of the rate that have
time-of-use charges."

Under EPR-6 when a TOU customer generated excess kWhs, the only line item that was credited with respect to the Peak of Generation, was the Peak "Generation Charge".   The unbundled components, Delivery Service, Transmission and System Benefits charges were all credited without regard to the Peak of Generation.

Now with EPR-6F the unbundled charges will come under Peak consideration.  This change results in a credit loss of @ 3 cents (+ taxes and fees) per affected kWh, at the pre 8/19/17 rate and a credit loss of @ 4.5 cents (+ taxes and fees) per affected kWh after 8/19/17.

In addition to the EPR-6F change, APS asked for and was granted permission to move considerable revenue collected via Adjustors, into the Base Rate and the corresponding Net Metering crediting of those funds are now subject to Peak restriction whereas prior to 8/19/17 they were not.

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