Victron Multiplius and Sunny Boy

Dear all,

I need some help in order to install a system including a SMA Sunny Boy and a Victron Energy Multiplus in the same set-up. The reasons why I want to install such a system is to use already owned equipments (sunny boy and multiplus) and use the "power assit" capacity of the Multiplus, so, I could have the Sunny Boy and the Multiplus energy when starting "big loads" (eg. air conditioning).

I know the 1:1 rule from Victron, and I will follow it.
I already have a MK3 to program the Multiplus, even the help from Sapnish distributor to program it.
But I don't know how to program the Sunny Boy. Multiplus Spanish distributor told me to set the frecuency range of the Sunny Boy to 50-52,9 Hz. Any one can help me to do that?


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