Syncing Midnite classic using solar with kid using wind, and Hybrid Magnum inverter?

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I'm looking for the thread. Ben searching for days in forums like this, rv forums, Midnites forum, google, you name it. With all the highly knowledgeable people around deeply discussing advanced topics this has to have been discussed before I just can't find the thread. Can someone point me please? I'm interested in many items for instance; how does the MSH4024M know outside power is provided to the battery bank when in Load Support VDC? When the classic goes into float due to wizbang ending amps how does the kid know this?

I hope this is the right area to ask this.

- Jeff


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    The Midnite family using the Wizbang Jr. shunt... Basically, it is just a regular shunt that is stuck in (typically) the negative lead of the battery bank. All electrical connections are made "after" the shunt--I.e., all electrical current (charging/discharging) of the battery bank flows through the shunt--And therefore all "known" current through the battery bank is monitored by the shunt.

    The Wizbang Jr. is a standard shunt plus a circuit board with an Analog to Digital converter with a (I guess) a one-wire bus that communicates back to the Midnite charge controller family: Controllers - Classics&productCat_ID=21&sortOrder=9

    I am not sure how the Magnum system works (I have not read through their recent literature).

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    Thanks BB good info for those in need. I have a wizbang on my shunt talking to my classic 150. I have played with ending amps and have this figured. If I add a wind system I would like to use a Kid and can't find any discussion on how it will get along with the classic especially when the classic is making intelligent decisions based on data from the wizbang.

    - Jeff
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    Simple, add another WBjr to the kid on same shunt, search in the Midnite Forum on how to mount a dual WBjr on a single shunt. Follow me won't work from Classic to Kid.
    For your Magnum question, I guess that it can see current to the batteries from a bmk on the same shunt.

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