Sunsaver mppt Error

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The setup I am using is as follows:

100 watt Renogy 12v Panel
Sunsaver MPPT charge controller
100ah 12v Lithium ion phoshate battery

So whenever I first hook up the panel to the controller it puts out about 19 volts and everything works fine. After a small amount of time the charge controller begins to blink red and the panel is outputting around 25 volts which is more than even the VOC rating. I am looking for any advice for this. The charge controller error code Solar High Voltage Disconnect  but the controller is rated to be able to handle 60 volts. I am pretty lost here so any suggestions are helpful. Thanks.


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    It sounds like it may be a problem with the controller, but a couple things to check.

    Did you hook up the CC to the battery first (before PV), and is the battery charged enough to boot the CC?

    Have you checked Voc on the panel with a multimeter?
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