Thoughts and opinions on the New Enphase IQ Micro Inverter

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So I'm researching enphases new IQ micro inverter.

The PRO:
The specs and technology of its MPPT tracking algorithm are amazing, and it handles a broad range of solar panels, and interactive grid types.

I'm amazed that peak efficiency is 97%, I am however lead to believe this peak efficiency happens at a very small time in the production curve, and that the inverter woudl typically operate more in the 95.5~96.5% efficiency.

The CON:
Enphase claims faster more rapid installation when compared to the S, C, and M series of micro inverters, but it actually looks like a slightly more complicated install.

My thoughts professionally:

 I don't want to get my feet wet with this ultra new technology. I believe it will have flaws in the first batch of architecture, and actual longevity of the product may not potentially meet warranty guidelines.

Everyone's input in thsi forum is crucial on this topic as I may or may not consider moving forward with thios product for future projects, I have been very happy with the residential M250, and M215.
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