rheem electric hybrid waterheater

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Hi everyone, I just bought a new Rheem  electric hybrid water heater model performance platinum 50 gallon. Been viewing YouTube videos and this model is the 4th generation that was recently released.  It has a lot of new and updated improvements that make it more efficient and you can install it in smaller places than the  GE Geospring that I have that  has already failed. Some of the nice features is you can duct the cool air to where you need it and you can duct in the warm air from anywhere you can get heat, such as wood stove ect. You can use up to 200 ft. of ducting. It also has the  the highest energy factor I have seen, 3.5  I was wondering if anyone else has done any research or has any experiences with this water heater. The owners installation manual also has the fault codes listed which should make it easier for anyone self installer or a local hyvac person to diagnose any problems you have.
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