Inverter and battery charger wiring

Mike 870
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I'm trying to think of an optimal way to wire a sure sine 300 inverter and an iota dls 30 battery charger into an offgrid cabin. The manuals for these products dont give much detail. Im wiring for both DC and AC loads and was planning to use QO load centers for both.

I haven't wired or even purchased anything yet. I was wondering if I can use a breaker interlock to connect/disconnect the generator loads and disconnect/connect inverter output on the AC side, and another another breaker interlock to connect/disconnect the battery charger output and connect disconnect the inverter input on the dc side. See attached Picture, probably too confusing without it.

I've spoken to tech support at both companies. The sure sine cannot remain connected on the AC side if there is another AC power source. Per Iota tech support, no harm will come from it being connected on the AC side in the abscence of a dc load or connection. I assume it is ok to leave it connected on the dc side because it's hard wire.

The worst I can think of happening in this scenario is I intend to use the battery charger or inverter or generator but forget to switch the interlocked breakers in which case nothing would happen for lack of power. Am I missing something? Probably making it more difficult than it needs to be?