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I trying to run one refrigerator, one computer and monitor, 2 led lights. For about 6 hours a day


I have a technical data sheet on the fridge and it says 6.5 amp and 53 Kwh/mo

The lights are 9 watts each so 18

The computer I have no idea yet.


How do I go about gathering the required information and converting it all into useful data to determine what size battery bank I need.




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    24/7 on the refer? Your specs work out to 1.76 kwh a day, not very efficient. Newer energy efficient fridges are using under 1 kwh a day or less. You don't plan to run the refer for 6 hours a day, do you? If so it will probably run full time trying to get to its desired temp.

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    Is this for a backup situation in which you expect outages of about 6 hours and then restoration of grid power? If so, is this expected to happen every day?

    Do you have a generator, and if so what kind and size?

    Is the computer a laptop or desktop, and how old is it?
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    Sounds like for a location where afternoon power shortages are common.

    Ideally, you would want a Kill-a-Watt type power meter so you can measure your real loads: (120 VAC) (UK/Europe 240 VAC version)

    Ideally, your battery bank should be around 2-6 times your daily loads (~4x is probably a good cost effective setup--basically, 2 days of stored energy and 50% maximum discharge).


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