Heliotrope cc12e Bat Temp Probe

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I have an old Heliotrope CC120E charge controller. I looking for a battery temperature sensor for it. It would also be nice if I can download a manual for it as well. I tried looking all over online and cant get any info on it. Would anyone happen to have  any info to share? Even a part number or specs for the bat temp compensator  would help.

Thanks in advanced.


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    You might try contacting AM Solar:


    How do I repair/upgrade my Heliotrope RV30 charge controller? 
    The Heliotrop RV30 was a popular two-stage PWM style charge controller that has been discontinued.  If you have one that isn’t working properly, we can connect you with an engineer who can service the unit and provide replacement parts.  Or, you might consider upgrading to a modern charge controller.  Click here for more details.
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