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I have an old Southwest Windpower Whisper 100 1kw.  My charge controller seems to have given up.  I need a replacement for it.  I used to run this into a 4-12v-battery series bank at 48V.  Worked great until last year, so I just let it go to crossed output and let the brake take over.  Now I'm ready to get this going again.   Suggestions for a replacement controller, or does someone make replacement PC boards for these?


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    This company seems to still sell the controller:


    The manufacturer of the controller appears to be no more.

    Since this is a dump controller + rectifier... You can continue to use the rectifier (or buy an external 3 phase rectifier, should not be very expensive) and get a dump controller (some PWM controllers are configurable as dump controllers) and use the resistor bank in the original controller, or setup your own. Here are a couple diversion controllers (solar controllers that can be configured to diversion type controller--there are others, I am sure):


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    I have a whisper 100 controller that uses 9 diodes. Why doesn't it just use 6?
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    I replaced my controller with an "LDR 12-100E 12V 100A Wind Dump Load Controller" bought from cleanenergybrands.com  for  $218.  They have many model/options. That one is in a NEMA box, it has rectifier, charge controller and diversion controller. Diversion resistors are separate purchase. I have had mine for 4 years and works well, you can adjust the diversion voltage. It is rated for 100 amps at 12VDC and I see up to 70 amps charging on my Whisper 200.  Better to add analog meters to monitor charging.  Controller is made in Canada by Solar Converters Inc but easier and cheaper to buy in USA
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    I have much the same problem as wind2008 had.  mrmrb9 seems to have a solution but I have additional questions.  I went out to the web site for cleanenergybrands.com and could not find the device mentioned.  Can someone help me locate one of these charge controllers that will totally replace the charge controller sold with the Whisper 100 generator system?
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    Depending on your needs, a "dump" (shunt, bypass) type charge controller can work. Here is one that is configurable as a dump controller:


    Basically, you wire your wind turbine (with 3 phase to DC rectifier block) to the battery bank (with dump switch to short the turbine to "stop it from turning", and a fuse/breaker to protect wiring).

    And you place a "dump controller" on the battery bank, and the output to a resistor bank (electric heater). When the battery is "full", the charge controller turns on and dumps excess energy to the resistor bank.

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