Power Jack 100a charge controller

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I've not found much on this piece of equipment other than it's mis advised as an MPPT but actually a PWM. Well, I've interested 2400w panel system on the roof of the cabin and ordered one of these charge controllers. There are 4 new Rolls L-16's and we'll see how well Power Jack preforms and I'll report back near th he end of November.



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    With their reputation I wouldn't expect much, if you can keep it alive.

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    I have no hands-on experience with them, but I have had two people tell me about their own bad experiences with Power Jack. Adding in online reports of failures is enough to make me steer clear of them - because there are so many good choices on the market today.

    An unnoticed failure could put your expensive batteries at risk..........

    I always have more questions than answers. That's the nature of life.
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    Hi Dave,  welcome to the Forum.

    Could find little in the way of hard specs on CCs that may well be what you have on order.

    One youtube seemed to imply that this might be a  Diversion Controller.  Many inexpensive,  seemingly high current controllers are this type.

    You have some nice,  new Surrettes,  which would probably enjoy a fully-featured Charge Controller (CC),  with the ability to set Absorb and Float voltages,  and EQ voltage if those L-16s are Flooded batteries.

    Also,  it is very important that any charge source has the ability to use a Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS).   This is essential to fully charge batteries,  while protecting them from over-charge.

    My guess is that you might be in NM,  where there could well be fairly wide variations in the temperatures that the batteries are exposed to.   A BTS,   attached to one of the batteries  is really essential for good battery health.

    Guess,  that your system voltage is probably 24 V.  Are your Surrettes Flooded batteries?

    Just my opinions.    Vic

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    Yes on all points in my setup here in New Mexico. I have the controller set on the maximum 2400 watts for 2 weeks now and everything is working just fine, for now. I've actually had good results from Power Jack over the past 3 year's. Finally received the Outbacks fm 80's and Magnum 4024 but think I might see how long these Power Jacks last before I made the change over. Thank you for your response.