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first of all - sorry for my english!

I have a Prostar 30 and the last day it wasn't working so I disconnected all cable from the Prostar 30 box.

As the instruction told me I connected the battery first with the system. My problem is, that the 4 red LEDS at the top are shining. But no LED is blinking for the battery status. I don't know what else I can do. I restarted it about 100 times, but no difference. Nothing is written on the display.
Can anybody tell me what's going on and what I have to do that my system is running again?

Thank you!



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    What is the voltage of your battery bank?

    If the Prostar is out of warranty--Many times you can (carefully) take apart the electronics and unplug/plug back in any board to board and board to LCD display connectors (you do not have to completely unplug, just back them out 1/2 way and reconnect). Also look if there are any internal fuses that can be checked for opens (and replace if bad).

    Then put back together and try again. If it does not work, you probably will have to get a new controller.

    Good Luck!
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