Parallel Solar Panels

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I have been learning that parallel strings in a battery bank are not the best way to go. 

My questions here is does this apply to solar arrays as well? 

I have Renogy 250 watt 24 volt Poly. 

I am thinking of 

3 panels in series and 5 parallel strings for a total of 15 panels (3,750 watts)


  • BB.BB. Super Moderators, Administrators Posts: 30,049 admin
    Solar panels work great on parallel. They are "current sources" which naturally share current very well (assuming a properly designed and constructed array).

    Also, with 3 or more parallel strings, you need a fuse/breaker per string for safety.

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    I don't know why Renology identifies their 250W panels as 24V--it is misleading and confusing. A true 24V panel would be able to charge a 24V battery bank. The Renology panel has a Vmp of 30.2V which is insufficient for an equalization charge on a 24V battery.
    This is just an observation and has nothing to do with the original question. Your panels will work fine in series strings of three.
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