Bus Bar for batteries

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I got a couple these at a local electrical supply in Mexico for $12 US each. Retail for $130 each (bargain). Was thinking of using for battery bank on system . Should be OK for DC, I think. It says good for aluminum/copper. I have 3 parallel strings of T105's. 12 volt system, 1500 watt inverter. They are Burndy RDM 628.


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    And I guess I should attach batteries and incoming solar and inverter to the bus bar?
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    Is this an Aluminum or Copper bus bar/plug assembly? Do you have matting plugs?

    I am not really thrilled with using Aluminum--Especially around flooded cell batteries (keep acid fumes away from Aluminum).

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    They are aluminum and have threaded holes so was thinking could bolt cables directly to them and then slather die electric grease on them. Specs say for use with aluminum or copper. It also comes with rubber caps so I could drill holes the size of the wire in the caps and pop them back on.
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    Can those bars handle 150 amps or better ? Your inverter alone could pull that much without any other load.
    If you have a 200 amp fuse in line for the batteries.....then they will have to  handle the 200 amps if something happen bad before the fuse blows.
    I could not see any data that covers the amperage those bars can handle?

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    They are very solid cast I would definitely think they could take 200 amps DC . All wires from charge controller 80 amp , battery charger 250 amp and inverter 200 amp, are fused(breakers).
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