I need solar panel for my home, what is its estimated life?

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I am looking to install a solar panel at my home and I would like to know its estimated life so that my investment can be covered.


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    If the panel is a glass + crystalline (mono or poly) panel--It should last at least 20 years (35+ years should be possible too). Damage from rocks/hail/wind blown stuff will break glass and break the panel (unusable/unrepairable).

    If you have glass panels with thin film solar cells--I would guess 5-10 years of life.

    If you have plastic or "flexible" panels--Roughly 2-5 years of life.

    All solar electric panels, if physically damaged (rocks/hail/etc.)--They are pretty much unrepairable.

    For off grid systems, batteries are "expensive" and have relatively short life (3-5 years for cheaper batteries, 7-10 years for more expensive batteries). And the "electronics", if good quality, will last ~10+ years before needing replacement (although, all electronics can fail sooner--And many cannot be repaired or are not worth repairing). Cheap electronics can last 3-5 years--Or fail in days/weeks.

    Keeping batteries and electronics cool (do not install in direct sun, behind windows facing the sun, in hot rooms with poor ventilation, etc.) will give you better life. For every 10C increase in temperature, equipment/battery life will be cut by 1/2.

    Lightning can take out all of your equipment--Even if you you do a good job of installing. Near strikes may be survived with a good installation--Direct strikes will take out your equipment.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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