Thin-Lite or another company?

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I have ordered Thin-lite LED bulbs in the past and really liked them. I went to order some today and the lead times are killing me. Does anyone have any other recommendations for great LED lighting?
In Niger, trying to keep a LG FMA 102NAMA fridge(This has the inverter compressor) backed up with solar using a Victron Multi-Plus Inverter/Charger Compact 12v 1600w with a 70a charger built in.I want to back it up for 4-8 hours. I am also running a few O2 cool fans and a few Thin Lite LED's of my batteries for when the grid is down so my kids can sleep.


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    There are so many really good makes now. Costco has FEIT that I use alot. Anything with CREE led's inside is probably about as good as you can get.  How is your refrigeration search going ?  Ever thought of just buying a generator to back-up the refrigeration?
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