SRP rules about grid tie (grid zero mode, not feeding grid)

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Hi All,

Can anyone tell me if it's a requirement to get permission or sign contact with SRP if I am doing a grid tie system using OutBack Hybrid Inverter but running on GRID ZERO mode = Does not feed any power into the grid at all.  The Outback inverter should act like a appliance and it's USING power, not grid feeding.

I understand that the system require a license electrician to do it... But if I don't want credit from SRP and not feeding the grid... can I do it without SRP consents? 



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    You can do this yourself if you take a permit out from the building department as an owner/builder in most US states/Canada and of course have the skill. They will know what you need to do or where to look. It can be smooth or a pain depending on your county/state.

    It is a challenge to do this correctly without deeply cycling batteries that are commonly available right now. 
    If I were you I would wait a little longer unless there is some burning reason why you need to do this.
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