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I am a complete newbie :( I need to run a toaster oven (black and decker model T03250XSB 1500 watt ) when camping.
I have NO idea what to get?
I know I need a solar panel; but don't know which one? I also know I need a power inverter which would be compatible to 110v.
Can someone help me :)


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    Welcome to the forum Ginnamin,

    That is a difficult task to make a portable solar power system that can run a toaster oven. In general, the battery bank is big (heavy) and expensive. Plus the solar panel required to recharge the batteries would not be small either.

    But, we are always up for a challenge.

    First, get yourself a Kill-a-Watt or similar type power meter. It will tell us the average power needed, and how much energy (power*time) it takes to run your toaster oven per day.

    For off grid solar, the first thing is conservation... Figure out how to use the electricity more efficiently. For example, is there some reason that you need an electric toaster over than could not be replaced by a propane oven or a microwave? In general, using off grid solar electric power to heat anything is pretty difficult/not cheap.

    Here are a few options that cost under $300 from Amazon. And one for $30 that you put over a camp stove.

    If you are still game for looking at a solar powered oven--We can talk your needs... Does this need to be used during cloudy weather or early morning/night time? Or do you need to cook only when the sun is shining (use a solar powered oven or DYI solar oven project).

    Lastly, if you really need an off grid electric oven, a Honda eu2000i + a gallon or so of gasoline will run your oven for 4-10 hours--Probably enough for a few days of cooking plus lights+computer charging+cell charging. The suitcase gensets are pretty quiet and not difficult to move around (~50 lbs), and have been pretty reliable (clean fresh fuel plus regular oil changes and they should last >2,000 hours pretty easily--but it will cost you pretty close to $1,000).

    Anyway--Some thoughts on the subject.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset