Morningstar 300 inverter won' enter standby

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Hi, I have a new Morningstar 300 inverter. I am playing with the standby mode. With DIP switch 1 flipped up I connect the battery input. The green LED flashes indicating it is in Standby. I turn on a 100 watt light bulb wired directly to the AC outputs and the light comes on. The LED indicator is solid indicating AC on. I turn off the 100 watt bulb. The LED remains solid and the inverter does not return to standby. Am I doing something wrong? How long should it take to enter Standby?

Thanks for any help:)


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    It takes a few seconds.  Are you sure all the other AC loads are off?  Read the manual again, I think (but may not be sure!) that it is the #3 dip switch that ought to be off, the other three on. Double check the manual and your config. 

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    I was wrong... Just found my manual.  DipSwitch 1 Down=Always on Up=Standby mode.  DP 2 Low voltage disconnect Down=11.5 vdc Up= 10.5 vdc.  DP 3 LVD beeper. Down=beeper on, Up=beeper 0ff. DP 4 Communication select Up= MS meterbus. Down= Modbus protocol.

    So DP 1 should be up to stand by.  Als, have you switched or jumpered the remote terminals?

    good luck and keep in touch,

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