Triangular solar panels

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I've been trying to design a triangular solar panel, which would consist of a right angle, I would like to know what should be the maximum capacity of triangular solar panels and what should be the maximum size.


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    Here is an example of by a company that makes triangular solar panels:

    You are going to need to match the Vmp/Imp of the rest of the array (if central GT inverter or MPPT Solar Charge controller). If you are going to use micro GT inverters--Then the single panel (or two panels in series or parallel) will need to "match" the micro GT inverter's input requirements.

    Note that if you are using crystalline solar cells, you will have a "ragged edge" which has less "packing" than a full size panel (you probably will not make "triangle solar cells").

    So if your standard panel is a 60 cell panel, then the triangular panel will have to be same size cells but only 30 of them in series.

    That would be my first guess. If your triangular panels do not match 1/2 Vmp of your standard panels, then the mix/matching of panels will be more complex or not possible with central GT inverters (may be possible with micro inverters).

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    Suppose You could make them as big as you and the equipment can handle.   :D
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