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So I am happy to say I finally got my system going last weekend at the cottage...and I have one question to pose to the members out there (likely be more questions as time goes on!!)

The question revolves around the back-up charging with the genset. 

I have installed a 48v system, with a Magnum 4448 PAE inverter, MMP 175, ME ARC remote, 8 6v 468 amp hour batteries (Rolls Surrette S-605)...will be adding a ME-BMK battery monitor into the Magnum Mini Panel next weekend.  My generator is a Honda EU3000is. Currently installed 9 200 watt panels in sets of three wired to three separate breakers in a combiner box.

It was all overcast and raining the day I hooked it all up and wanted to give the batteries a good charging as they had sat for a couple of months without a charge.  When I fired the generator and flipped the appropriate breakers the charging from the genset was happening but the generator ran like crazy and then tripped and this happened each time I restarted it and tried again.  I then adjusted the AC input voltage through the ME ARC remote down to 20 volts from the preset 30 that it was at and this seemed to work.

Does this make sense to all you experts out there?  The generator does say on it max output voltage of 23.3v so I thought the 30v preset was trying to draw too much??

Please let me know any thoughts.



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    Hi Russ,

    Believe that there are Typos with your reference to;  20,  30 & 23.3 V.   These are AMPS,  am certain.

    YES,  the Honda EU300s IS rated at 23.3 Amps maximum,  continuous AC output current.  There are deratings for altitude,  and for ambient temperature.

    Since the Honda has a 120 VAC output,  an mot certain just how the Magnum charger interprets AC current from a genset.

    Be certain that you carefully set ALL charge parameters in the Magnum,  to accommodate YOUR batteries  -- Defaults are often fairly low voltages,  and check the amount of Absorb and EQ time settings as well.

    Also,  of course,  check your Charge Controller voltage and time settings,  also.


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    Yes, definitely typo's...sorry about that!
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