12v 100Ah AGM Batteries (Photonic Universe) - Charge settings?

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I have 2x 12v 100Ah AGM batteries from Photonic Universe connected in series and I'm curious as to what I need to set my TS-MPPT-60A charge controllers dip switches to in order to set the controller to charge the batteries properly. According to the manual, the charging voltage qhwn the battery is being charged/discharged frequently, is about 14.1v-14.4v, whereas when they're for emergency power for example, It's stated to charge them at 13.6v-13.8v.

I'm just curious as to what the Absorption Voltage, Equalize Voltage (If you do equalize AGM?) and Float voltage should be set to.

My TS-MPPT-60A charge controller has dip switches that can be set according to which batteries you have. This is the table I'm given. Which one should I use? And if non apply, which voltages should I set the controller to via the custom settings? Currently I have it set to the third row down (before AGM/Flooded).



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    Here is a link to another makers charge regime recommendations,  enjoy....http://www.cdtechno.com/pdf/ref/41_2128_0212.pdf

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    Thanks for your reply!

    I just received a message from the seller and they state the following settings;

    Absorption charging voltage: 14.1-14.4V
    Equalisation voltage: 14.3-14.4V
    Float voltage: 13.6V - 13.8V

    Hope it helps anyone else with the same query!

    Also, is it ok using the batteries 24/7 for powering my inverter thus the batteries being charged when needed and discharged? Or would it be better using them when needed? I have a server that would be ideal to run off grid especially if there is an outage. Its also very efficient, only consuming about 2.75A (without inverter current usage).

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    Batteries both age from cycling (charging/discharging cycles) and from simple aging (for every 10C increase in battery temperature, ~1/2 life is lost).

    For typical UPS applications, the smaller batteries are replaced every 1-2 years... For larger AGMs, perhaps they will last 5 years or a bit longer.

    If you need protection against outages (work/data preservation)--Use the batteries and just plan on replacing them X years out. And if you don't use them all of the time, perhaps X+a couple of years longer (assuming they are kept properly charged).

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