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I have done a grid-tie installation which is three phase. The customer has recently bought a single 8000W off-grid inverter of the Victron Quattro Inverter / Charger 8000W 24/48V version together with 24 pieces of 2V 1500 VRLA batteries which he wants put together as 48 Volts configuration for storage. In order not to unbalance the phases with the introduction of the single phase offgrid inverter into the distribution board, I'm thinking of isolating "urgent loads" that are on a single phase into a separate DB and into which the single phase offgrid will feed from the battery storage. Is this a good way to look at it? I'm doubting myself on this thought and need some urgent help.


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    Delta or Wye? Probably delta I am guessing.  There always is some imbalance so I do not understand your concern? It is just a load and not a very big one.
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    Yes--You can do that (put several AC inverters on a single battery (appropriately sized) bank. A 1,500 AH @ 48 volt battery bank should support upwards of 15 kWatt of AC inverveter(s) (maximum inverter load).

    With large AC inverter systems (and poly phase systems)--You can run into issues that you do not see on small systems... Here is a thread where the owner had to eventually fire the orginal electrical engineer to fix the system:



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