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I am an electrician so I am aware of ampacity and wire sizing however, I don't understand how solar panels move enough current through such small gauge wire. Apparently, each panel has just big enough wire for the current it needs to carry. By the time the system gets to the inverter the wire would need to be huge (see the input terminals on any decent sized inverter). For the record I will be setting up a system to charge my 2013 Leaf during the 8.5 hours it sits dormant at work. Sounds simple enough but it only charges quickly at 240 VAC and needs at least 6KW. The equipment alone will run near $2k so it's more of a prove it can be done thing. The payback would be forever or worse considering most of the local charging stations are free!


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    The wire on the solar panel is #10 or #12.  If you connect in series (10) 36V 300 watt panels your current is still the same but the voltage is now 360V and you have 3,000 watts of power. The current is still the same but the power has increased.

    Your concept of charging the leaf with the grid is a little off. You can charge the leaf quickly and you can replace that power slowly over the day with the solar. If you design it just right you can replace the energy and minimize the cost of the solar.
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