Spots on cells

I made an order from a manufactorer and more then half of the panels had four small brown spots on each cell and it looks almost exactly the same on every panel that have this. The spots are very small and brownish, and they sit at almost exactly the same places on all cells and on all these panels, just slightly diagonal from the spot on the cell above and under. does any one know what this can be?


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    If you ask the company who made them (???) they will get an engineer to tell you that there is not a problem and they will fully meet spec. You just have to hope they are in business and be able to monitor each panel. That is the way it works these days. It sucks because if you have to sell them someday, it will not be easy!
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  • littleharbor2littleharbor2 Solar Expert Posts: 1,692 ✭✭✭✭
    I'm pretty sure it's just part of the automated manufacturing process. These marks are very common on many polycrystalline solar panels.

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