Should I wire panels in series or parallel?

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Hi All,

I'm having trouble deciding whether to wire my panels in series or parallel. The system is the following:

3 Sunvia OPT330-72-4-100 330W panels
Midnite Solar Classic Lite 200 MPPT Charge Controller
4 Interstate GC2-XHD-UTL 6v 232Ah batteries wired in series/parallel = 12v 464Ah
Magnum Energy MMS1012 1000W Inverter

The Midnite Solar Sizing Tool says I can wire it either way with the 200 controller but I'm interested in hearing which way some of you might wire it and why. Should I wire in series to keep the amps down or in parallel to keep the voltage down? This controller doesn't have arc fault so I suppose that's something to consider if that even makes a difference with this setup.
:: 3 - Suniva OPT330-72-4-100 Silver Mono Solar Panels | Magnum Energy MMS1012
:: Midnite Solar Classic 200 | 4 - Interstate 6V GC2-XHD-UTL
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