Aquion saltwater batteries

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Has anyone tried these yet???? What do they cost per block???


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    Hi ws..,

    You might want to start by looking at this:

    Several members here use Aquion batteries.

    EDIT:   AND,  you might try the MidNite Forum:

    Try entering "  aquion  "  in the search box,  there,  and you should find  several Threads.   It appears that the Aquion batteries still have relatively poor Surge performance,   which can cause some disappointment for off-grid users,  seems to me ...

        FWIW,   VIc

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    Just so everyone knows, Northern Arizona Wind and Sun has just started to carry the Aquion Energy line of batteries. We have pricing, specification sheets, and chemistry comparison technical sheets available on our website.


    Website administrator for Northern Arizona Wind & Sun
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    Thanks Rick.  These are interesting batteries that I hope someone here buys and writes about.
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    I'm in the process of spec'ing a home system and I'm currently looking at enphase m250's with Solarworld 320 panels (x20).  

    I'm still in planning but was looking at running 4x Aquion s30 batteries.  I hadn't been planning on this type of inverter system or this type of battery system until the last few days.  I'm having a hard time finding information on these systems playing well together.  Is anyone aware of any concerns I should have with these systems playing nice?  
  • fueld26fueld26 Registered Users Posts: 7
    With Powerwall, Enphase, and Redflow getting in to the home game this year, should I just hold off on the battery side and stay grid-tied for now?  With an Enphase system, how much more work would it be to use non-enphase batteries down the line?  
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