Wind Turbine Inertial Control

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What are the method to improve the wind turbine inertial response? 


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    Less mass will allow it to accelerate easier.  Not just the blades, but any other moving parts like the rotor in the generator.  

    Another is friction.  Bearings and gears all have friction that creates drag and resists motion.  Better ones have lower friction.

    Oh - one HUGE one is the size of the generator.  A low wattage generator will do wonders to keep the RPMs up in low winds.  Less load of course lets the wind win the power struggle.
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    One other thing that greatly affects that is the Size of blades, Length of blade and its pitch.   Mine have a lot of pitch, are relatively short in length and don't take up but a 3' wing span.  They start up around 2-3 mph wind and get 12v+ at around 5-7mph. 

    Also, like said above, friction is determined by the strength of the Neodymium magnets either studded to the rotors or by disc magnet on the shaft of rotor on the inside.  It also determines the power output too.  Stronger the magnet, the stronger the 3 phase flux output, yet harder to turn and higher start up speed but more volts/amps at lower speeds.   

    A wind turbine is better off not rotating at all until it can produce minimum 12 volts, even if you have to wait for 10 mph wind. Anything less voltage is not really doing anything productive unless it's a 6 volt system.  
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    Is the Turbine three phase  AC? 
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