Conext SW 2524 - 230 Volt Question

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I have installed a SW 2524 recently with a grid tie configuration. Everything works fine but I cannot find settings that will give solar support equal to the Load. The solar is always less by about 450 watt. If I switch off the incoming supply the solar support equals the Load watts so it is possible. Just not when the AC is connected.

When I read through the Schneider documentation I came across two addendums, one that illustrate that the Grid In amps can go to zero and the other that stated that a 2 amp draw from the grid ensure that no voltage is injected back into the grid. Seems like a waste as in a typical 8 hour sunny day I am loosing out on about 3 kilo watts of energy.

Are all grid tied inverters having to do this to ensure that no voltage is pushed back into the grid or is this a Schneider Problem? Seems like a waste!!


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    In general, this has been a complaint about the XW (and possibly other Hybrid inverters?). There are a lot of folks that want to have zero feed back to the utility (local regulations) and use solar to power the home loads. At least with the XW, it appears to be very difficult (or impossible) to configure the system to have less than a few hundred watts of load on the grid (in Hybrid mode)--Even if there is more than enough solar power.

    Perhaps, somebody here has newer information.

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    There were not many other hybrid inverters until the radian BTW. Below is the link to the self consumption link. There are settings that the OP is probably off on causing his problem.

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