Reverse tilt mounts?

What solar panel racking vendors provide guidance and support for reverse tilt mounts?
There are a lot of installers who would like to offer those, but lack the engineering expertise to design them from whole cloth; support from the vendor would help those installers do it right.

Unirac specifically advises against it with their products:

Spice Solar has one drawing with reverse tilt:

The Australian company Clenergy has the most detailed info I've found so far.
has an adjustable tilt leg installation guide with a table showing base rail support spacing for reverse tilt based on roof slope, wind zone, and building height:

I'd love it if anyone could chime in with info about other vendors that support reverse tilt.

I ask because an installer did this:
The flush-mounted panels are fine, but the reverse tilt looks wobbly, and I have no evidence they engineered it for wind loads.


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