aquion batteries

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Hi, Has anyone else tried the Aquion batteries? I have a bank of 12. These 48 volt batteries hook up in parallel Making theM ideal for off grid applications. They use salt water for electrolyte. The plates are Manganese oxide and carbon with cotton separators, Very benign to the environment and non toxic. Each battery has a 2.5 kWh capacity. 
I like theM so far. They need no battery ManagMent systeM. They nice part is they should last for thousands of cycles. You can discharge to 70% doc or even deeper. They are ok sitting at a partial state of discharge like you have with cloudy weather. It is fairly easy to integrate one or several new batteries as needed. 
These 12 batteries support 2 48 volt Magnasine inverters for a potential 9000plus watts. I have an all electric kitchen. Also wood heat and cooking. I CAN USE MY WASHER AND DRYER!  At least on sunny days. Right now we have 2.5 k sun tracking array . We plan on doubling that this year. So far it is working here in southeast Pa all through Dec which had like 4 sunny days. Still off the grid and doing fine.


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