$2.98/watt LG/Solaredge Quote - What do you think

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Hi, Ive been looking at solar for a while. I dont want to go the solar lease route, or the solar city type of large company. Some people told me to do it myself, but I just dont have the time or expertise to deal with it. Im willing to pay a fair price to someone to install it for me. But at the same time, I want to pay as little as possible - as long as it is a quality product.
I have a south facing roof and all the panels can sit on one array. So this helps in that I have a straight forward installation.

I just got a bid for $2.98/watt for LG 300 panels (I want the all black panel) using a solar edge inverter and optimizers?

After looking at these blogs, this seems the lowest bid Ive seen using higher quality equipment. I could have saved more money going with Solar World panels, but I really like the worldwide name, reputation, and quality of LG products. The installer has been a general contractor for 17 years. I like the fact that this guy has a track record and has been around for a long time. 
What do you think?


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    Sounds like a good price (I am not in the business). Are you in Simi Valley, California?

    Do you have an understanding on how your local electric company will be billing (1 year net metered, $0.xx per kWH, time of use, etc.)?

    In California, for a while, we had to choose Time of Use billing. For me, I do not use much power in the middle of the day, so most of my solar goes to spinning my meter backwards ($0.10 per kWH off peak, $0.27 per kWH summer peak).

    If you have problems shifting power to off peak (as late as 9pm) with business or home loads (computers, shop tools, HVAC loads, irrigation pumping), In some cases, Time of Use billing can be a bit of a problem (you use power when the prices are highest).

    California Utilities are starting to do things to make GT Solar less cost effective for home owners (old plans were subsidized by utility non-solar customers). Billing is changing (my minimum monthly charge just went from $5 per month to $10 per month for example).

    Also, you need to ensure that your solar panels will not be shaded down the road (nearby trees, neighbor builds 2nd story addition, no shading from power lines, etc.). Shaded solar electric panels can have a dramatic reduction in power generated (50% loss is not uncommon).

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Thanks for the information BB. Im excited to get this going.  I should be able to pay for my system in 5 years- assuming that monthly minimum charges dont increase too high.
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    Sounds like a good price.
    What state do you live in?
    I build the LG300's with enphase micro inverter systems for $3.56 per watt.
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