Top sales people. How much are you making per year?

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Our company is becoming employee owned and we are re-configuring some of our pay structures. The sales wages are the toughest to design and I would love some feedback.

  1. What is your pay structure? Salary, Commission, a combo of both? What are you making per year?

  2. What does your job entail? Are you just a salesperson? Do you do any roof work (Shade measurements, real measurements, check electrical connections)

  3. Do you use a company vehicle, your own vehicle, or do you get a stipend every month to maintain your own vehicle?

  4. Do you get benefits? What are they?

  5. What State and city are you located in? (If you feel like sharing that part.)


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    Okay, I will start this off I guess. This is our current salesperson structure. 

    1. We start sales people off at $9/hr salary and a 4% commission of a gross sale (5% if it's a customer referral).
    2. Our sales people do roof measurements, shading analysis, electrical connection verification, customer appointments, and system design.
    3. We have our sales guys use their own vehicle with no monthly stipend at all.
    4. Benefits are Chiropractic, Dental, and naturopathic care.
    5. We are located in Northern California in the greater Sacramento area. 
    Hopefully this will promote some discussion as we could use some feedback on other company structures. 

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    You have to go up on a roof?

    Nigel Tufnel: [on what he would do if he couldn't be a rock star] Well, I suppose I could, uh, work in a shop of some kind, or... or do, uh, freelance, uh, selling of some sort of, uh, product. You know...

    Marty DiBergi: A salesman?

    Nigel Tufnel: A salesman, like maybe in a, uh, haberdasher, or maybe like a, uh, um... a chapeau shop or something. You know, like, "Would you... what size do you wear, sir?" And then you answer me.

    Marty DiBergi: Uh... seven and a quarter.

    Nigel Tufnel: "I think we have that." See, something like that I could do.

    Marty DiBergi: Yeah... you think you'd be happy doing something like-...

    Nigel Tufnel: "No; we're all out. Do you wear black?" See, that sort of thing I think I could probably... muster up.

    Marty DiBergi: Do you think you'd be happy doing that?

    Nigel Tufnel: Well, I don't know - wh-wh-... what're the hours?

    "we go where power lines don't" Sierra Nevada mountain area
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    Well, in George Costanza's footsteps, I'm holding out for manager of a professional sports team.  I thought I had it locked up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I put on my resume that I would get the players to give 111% effort.  Alas, I think they picked a marine biologist.
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