Mounting hardware for small PV panels - enclosed trailer

I have some 25 watt panels like these

They seem to have rather standard frames and thickness but this is my first trial of mounting panels so I'm not sure.  I want to mount them flat to the top of an enclosed 7x14 tralier.  I realize I will have to go through the skin of the trailer into what I think is wood framework within the trailer in order to mount any hardware.  They should mount with enough strength to stand the wind speed during road travel, so maybe gusts of 100 mph.  I suppose a bonus would be having hardware to allow me to tilt the panels to capture more sun when the trailer is stationary for some time but that is not a high priority.  I guess this is a case where a bigger panel rather than a tilted one clearly has an advantage for keeping it simple.

Are there standard brackets and / or rails that will allow me to mount these panels?  And where would you recommend I get them?

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  • scrubjaysnestscrubjaysnest Solar Expert Posts: 175 ✭✭✭
    You can make brackets out of aluminum angle or purchase commercial brackets. You will need about an inch or more gap between the panels and the trailer roof because of heat build up. VHB tape has been used without problems to mount the brackets. Since I made a tilting system I also pop riveted the brackets and sealed with 3M 5200. Dicor also seems to be the RV industry standard for sealant at the current time.
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    This pdf has some interesting ideas for mounting and holding down wires.
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    Thanks for the help.  That pdf has some good tips on mounting plus other tips on building onto a trailer.
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    We have a 185W 60 cell high voltage panel attached to a large teardrop trailer. I did not want to put more holes into the roof than I had to. I had found some ABS mounts and tracked them to the Chinese manufacturer and imported them directly. They are now available in the US, one source is here http://https// 
    I had a long talk with a 3M engineer who figured the wind load (speed+head wind+draft from trucks etc.) and told me which VHB tape to use and how much area I needed to have (I have two long mounts as well as the corners). I used a Perko through hull electrical connector and since it is high voltage the 10ga wire size was not a concern. The panel has survived better than 120MPH wind speeds. Only one hole (the electrical connector).
    If you use VHB tape do the surface prep as stated. If you use VHB tape with aluminum angel use large enough, I would use at least 2 to 3".
  • scrubjaysnestscrubjaysnest Solar Expert Posts: 175 ✭✭✭
    The Trailmanor factory install uses VHB tape to install their 100 panel to the roof which is an aluminum skin.
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