Wiring xantrex freedom inverter as battery charger only

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I was wondering if anyone can see a problem with using a xantrex freedom 458 inverter as a battery charger only. I think I would just wire the AC input to a cable to plug into the generator and then just connect the battery cable output to the batteries. I have the inverter installed in my motor home now and have a sine wave inverter I would use for electrics. Anyone see a problem?


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    Make sure you have a fuse or circuit breaker between the battery and the charger.  How do you plan to connect the charger to the battery (hard wire, alligator clips, anderson connectors)?

    The fuse should be as near the battery as possible, and certainly on the battery side of any connection you make.

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    the inverter is already installed with nuts  in my motorhome with #00 wire and a 300 amp fuse between battery and inverter.