New Mexico Installation Questions

slurry bowl
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Hey everybody. A couple questions.
We have settled on a design of 12, 275W REC modules and a SMA 3000TL inverter. We will mount inverter on GROUND MOUNT.

Installation is in Questa, NM. 40lbs snow loads and 80mph winds. 

Ideally we would like a single pole mount or another kind of ground mount that would aesthetically blend in with the 
beauty of the area. Any suggestions on quality ground mounts? Any that we could encase the metal in wood?
We are looking at MT solar.

Also, this will be a line side tap. 
The existing electrical architecture has 100amp service cables leaving the meter and into a double pole 100 amp breaker, mounted on the power pole. Then trenched to the house. Our plan is to upgrade the cabinet with the 100 amp breaker to a new cabinet with a HANDLED SWITCH, 100 AMP MAIN BREAKER, and LUGS to land the solar onto. Combining the AC Disconnect, Line Side Tap and existing Main breakers. Any ideas on a slender weatherproof cabinet to do this? It is my understanding fuses are not required.

Thanks as always.


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    Many people build their own ground mounts from wood, if you have space they are good, because you can totally optimise the angles. The one down side is longer home run cabling.

    You either do the whole thing in wood, or use alluminium rails for the upper layer. Either way its a cheap and reasonably aesthetic way to go. If you want tracking, then theres people here who welded their own also, however unless your costs are really minimal tracking is generally not considered cost effective.
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