Charge Controller and Inverter in a Battery Box?

ayurtdwellerayurtdweller Registered Users Posts: 26 ✭✭
Can I put my 300 watt morningstar suresine and morningstar 15 amp controller in the same box (vented!) as a 125AH battery? 200 watts of PV, if it matters.

Thanks for your recommendations!


  • ayurtdwellerayurtdweller Registered Users Posts: 26 ✭✭
    Would an AGM battery suffice for this box idea?
  • zonebluezoneblue Solar Expert Posts: 1,220 ✭✭✭✭
    Best practice, and often, code, is to maintain 500mm seperation between any kind of lead battery and your electronics. This is to cover the worst case scenerio, sealed battery over charges, vents, hydrogen plus spark from electrics... boom.
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