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Since the move to the new platform, every time I click on a link to an older thread, I get sent to some random (it seems) thread.  For example, just now I clicked on a link that was supposed to be a link to something about a well pump and an inverter, and I got sent to a thread about the most difficult question facing the solar industry.  

If it was just once, I wouldn't pay to much attention.  And I didn't, the first time.  But every link I click on takes me somewhere totally different.  Is anyone else experiencing this?


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    I think I know the post,  one that I made. I will look at it tomorrow and send a note to our support folks.

    Some conversion issues.

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    BB. said:

    I have confirmed your problem with Random Links from historical posts... I have asked our support folks to look t this.

    Thank you for letting us know,
    While they are looking into the situation, they might want to check on what happens if you have a reference to a particular post in a thread and posts before that point are deleted. Does it change the numbering on all following posts?
    The normal navigation seems to be to start of thread and #latest.
    Not sure whether the logged-in user's pointer to #latest would be affected by post renumbering or not. (Assuming they had visited the thread before the deletion and then come back later after the deletion and possibly other posts added.
    The old vBulletin links could be pointed to a specific post rather than just to a thread, and that may be part of the problem you are investigating now,
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    I really hope they are able to number the individual posts at some point.
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    Post numbering (1,2,3 etc.) is based on the current posts/threads. So if you talk about post #5, and post #3 is deleted, then your comment will be talking about the "wrong post".

    However, if you link to a post--Those numbers are fixed and internally managed... For example, inetdog's post above as a link would be:


    And is not a "soft number" of currently displayed posts. At least, that is how I think it will work and it did work on other forums.


    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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