Tristar MPPT-60 resets itself

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Hi everybody,

Occasionally my Morningstar Tristar MPP_60 resets itself. It has happened 4-5 times the last year. Se screen shot below. I have contacted Morningstar technical support and they don't know why it happens. I asked them if it could be lightning but they said that it's unlikely. Any ideas?


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    The logging shows some days with zero minutes charging--And pretty low energy harvest--Is this system "unused" at some days (just floating)? Some really dark/cloudy/stormy days (no energy harvest)?

    The logging looks to be giving confused data (energy output, but no absorb/float charging, etc.).


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    Hi Bill,

    The bulk charging state is not logged. The daily charge is given by the Amp hours/Watt hours. The column where the reset is and the day before is the same day. The log starts at a new day after a reset. The system is at a remote cabin and is unused most of the time. 
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    I'm seeing the same beheivior in my TSMPPT60, did you find out what was causing it?
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    @JLFH I have communicated with Morningstar about this and they fixed it in v27 of the firmware. I see you are using v26 so you should consider upgrading to the latest release (v32). Here is what Morningstar support wrote to me last year:

    We have a new firmware that we have been testing that has fixed the reset issue. We have been testing for several weeks as have our beta testers. So far everything looks good with it.  We have not released this to the public yet, but if you would like a copy to put on your controller I can provide it to you.  Please let me know if you would like to load it and I will make it available to you.

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