Ideal wind controller

vomus Solar Expert Posts: 32 ✭✭
I was wondering whether anyone has seen anything that would satisfy the following requirements:

1) a controller has to work both as grid-tied and as a charge controller
2) it has to be able to switch between the modes of operation based on the voltage that comes out from a turbine (rectifier, actually). When the voltage is low, work as a grid-tied, if it gets higher, work as a charge controller
3) it has to be able to work as a diversion controller (a la Xantrex C40)
4) it has to allow to set base parameters of charging (bulk, float, etc)
5) it has to have some sort of interface for monitoring. Modbus is MUCH preferred (especially Modbus TCP but RTU will work), no stupid proprietary Windows programs that can not be integrated anywhere.

I wonder... Thanks in advance,
-- Sergei