Hillary Clinton Promises 500m Solar Panels If America Makes Her President (humor)

Steven Lake
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I read this article and just about blew root beer out my nose. It's meant to be serious, but I couldn't help but laugh hysterically when I read that. I'm sure there's a few who are excited about the idea. Myself? Meh, to me it's just lots of political fluff with no substance. Even so I figured it was worth mentioning if for no other reason than a good chuckle. :)


  • MarkC
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    The Chinese are on-board - if only they could vote! $150 billion is not "chicken feed"!

    Seriously, I'm all in with solar power - when and if it makes sense. However, I've not seen many examples of our Feds making sensible things happen.

    My personal experience is that without substantial subsidies from both my power provider AND the Feds, my on-grid system would never come close to a payout if you time value money.
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