Help with Skystream 3.7

Bryan Registered Users Posts: 1
We have a Skystream 3.7 that has a shorted printed circuit board on the alternator. It is the bottom board with the 7 wires that go to the safety relay board. Does anyone have a detailed wiring schematic of that board or the entire alternator? I'm referring to the 12 pins in the 3 positions on the stator. If anyone knows where I could even find a picture of the board, that would be helpful too. (I know, wishful thinking someone might have one of these turbines on the ground and could send me a photo) :) Any help would be greatly appreciated. We're trying to see if we can just wire the 12 pins directly in a way to make it work, but without the schematic, it's a little tough. I know that Xzeres took over the company that these systems came from, but they are less than helpful and only want to sell you a new unit.

Please let me know if anyone has any information about the stator wiring. Or, even better, if someone has a spare alternator to sell. :)

Thanks again!