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G'day, new bloke here from the land down under. I have been reading many of the posts here and I think I have already found an answer to my problem, that being a 125 watt Kyocera panel which is usually attached to my camper trailer had the glass smashed when the wind blew it over when I had it standing up on it's legs.
The glass is the same type that is used on windscreens of cars in that when it breaks it shatters into hundreds of little pieces. I was way out in the bush when this happened but I measured the output with my multi-meter and all was not lost, there was some current flow into the batteries.
When I got back home I had a look and of course the glass is stuck onto the panel so I am not even going to attempt to try a repair, (just mark it down to experience). So I am looking for a similar panel ie about 120-130 watts. the KC125TM is now obsolete, I think they make a 130 watt model now. The physical size is important as I would like to be able to mount it using the same brackets etc that the busted one used.
Also if I get a new one mounted would I still be able to use the old one in parallel with it seeing that the old one was still putting out some current, or would the old one reduce the efficiency of the new one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, regards Neil
PS the old panel was made in 2005 and it's dimensions are 1425mm x652mm x58mm in it's frame


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    Welcome to Wind-Sun!

    Sorry about the panel--but the good ones will do that (typically, made from tempered glass).

    Yes, you could put it in parallel with a second panel--and they will add their current together (whatever current is available).

    In reality--it is unlikely that you will get 50% current out of a broken very long before the copper tape snaps and/or corrosion sets in. And if you cover it with new glass-it will block more light--and still not be very water resistant.

    Not really good for much now.

    I don't have any tables of panel sizes--you will have to just find some panels locally, and measure or look up the mechanical dimensions.

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    Re: G'day from Down Under

    i feel for your loss and know that the kc130 has the same dimensions as shown in this pdf of the specs on it.


    they have a kd135, but it is slightly bigger.

    be careful that the voltage specs on your defective pv haven't changed significantly from what they are supposed to be and without some type of sealant on the pv the weather or dust will further degrade it and you should note that the sealant will probably do the same thing to it. that old pv is now unreliable even if it still outputs some useful power. some cells may have also cracked or may soon crack in addition to the glass. the glass is low in iron and not the same as that in windshields.