APS Combined Advantage?

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So I was reading on the APS website and it was saying that people with solar who switch to the combined advantage rate plan will not need to pay the "solar tax" and instead the peak demand will take the place of it. I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with solar and how it effects the Peak Demand Charge?

Article on Solar and Peak Demand:

Article on new Solar Charge:


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    Prior to installing solar, I was on the combined advantage rate structure. It was not recommended to continue on that plan on solar so I've been on the TOU noon-7PM plan since installing solar. While I was on the C.A. plan, I was able to save money over the alternatives but the key is you have to watch your usage pretty closely. IIRC, they determine the hour of the month between noon and 7 PM when you use the most electricity and then charge you something like $15/ kWh for that electricity. Offsetting that was lower rates for all the rest of your usage. Solar would help significantly but you'd still be nailed between about 4 and 7 PM on summer afternoons when your AC was cranking hard and solar production had dropped off. Remember, it only takes one day in the month for a slip-up - maybe starting to cook the evening meal early - to yield a costly bill. If you're considering that plan, I'd suggest you go with gas heat, hot water, and dryer to reduce electric loads and relieve the hassle of timing your use of those appliances. You really have to get your own usage numbers and crank out the numbers as best you can to see if it makes sense.
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