Need Help With Preliminary Design for NEM aggregation

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Long story short, I have 5 commercial sites total.
4 of the commercial sites are off 27th street in the ghetto of oakland, ca, there is barbed wire fence along the borders of the roof tops, so I am hesitant to build arrays at those locations, due to possible solar theft. The sq/ft issn't enough to build to 110% of net zero build.
Client has to upgrade service from an old 208y/240 service to a 277/440V service , at a warehouse that is in the Oakland/Sanleandro border so I am considering NEM aggregation, the site can easily fit a 1.5MWh array.

This means I will need a total of 5 meter sockets at the desired location.

Most of the time I google search and look for vendors searches it keeps bringing me back to the schnieder electric link for use of their EZ-Meter Pak for 3wire and 4wire. It only offers upto 4 meter sockets, which would work for the 4 sites of NEM aggregation, minus the fact it slightly short on a 400amp max, so I may decide to scratch that idea.

If I decide to go with the schnieder EZ pak,what is the best ease of use compatablilty for the final socket/main distribution rated at 1200amp maximum. The highest I've seen are 800amp max from siemens, but I need 1200amp. Any suggestions, or anyone that has done aggregation at one site for multiple others? I am just in design phases at the moment so any input would be great.

Please Advise
Thank You
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