Midnite KID operation questions

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Hey Wind and Sunners!
(It's been a while since I've been on here but it looks like I may be around more.)

I've got a few questions about the Midnite KID. I already posted on the Midnite forum but there is usually more traffic over here.8)

1. Does the KID AGS only shut off based on the timer settings? Manual page 40 only lists MIN and MAX run times. Does it also shut off based on charge state (ABS, FLT) voltage or SOC?

2. I'm looking for a way to control a cooling fan for a fairly small equipment enclosure. I don't see an appropriate setting in the KID manual. Right now I have the DC load connection set on "Diversion" so my 12 volt fan will run when the battery voltage is elevated. This solves the issue of heat while charging (from the solar array or from the system's AC charger) but it doesn't do anything for heat produced by inverter loading. I've ordered a snap switch thermostat (I don't remember off hand but I think it is on at 115 F, off at 95 F.) I would far rather be able to keep things simple by using the on board controls in the KID. Any ideas? Could it be possible to turn it on based on current or device temperature? (not the BTS)

3. Is there any ability to use Bluetooth or wifi to monitor the KID from a smartphone?


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    Hi Alex,

    Nice to find you here again.

    Have seen your similar posts on the MN Forum, and I have nothing to add. MN's Mario is the Design Engineer for the KID, and he should be able to tell you what he has planned for function extensions for the KID. He seems to be open to doing almost anything that makes sense, and that makes the KID more useful to more people.

    Have not tried any AGS stuff yet. But agree that the KID is a very nice set of functions and features, especially given that the Beta units were shipped Spring of 2014, and there have been a number of improvements in the past year.

    Good Luck with your project. Vic
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