12 AWG CL2 speaker wire

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Sure this has been asked many time but I'm not finding a good answer.

I have some 12 AWG CL2 rated speaker cable from monoprice.

Can I use this in solar application for my accessories, thinking of things like LED lights, 12v USB (5-volt) outlets, I like that it has a CL2 rating, I'm not running in walls but having that extra protection of the CL2 rating (if that really means anything)

As I understand it speaker wire is rated up to 70v, its the right gauge so wondering if OK

I have a 50 ft roll of it, didnt want to waste it.


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    Assuming the copper wire itself is OK (and it seems to be fine), this is a discussion about the plastic/insulation/jacket of the cables. CL2 does not really define the insulation properties (temperature ratings, fire rating, smoke rating, etc.), but the circuits for which this cable can be connected.

    I have seen several explanations, but if you are under 30 volts and 100 VA (or Watts) rated power supply (itself, supposed to be UL rated supply output), you should be fine. The insulation may be capable of 100-150 Volts--But I would not recommend this cable for a 120 VAC power application.

    Could the cable carry 10-20 amps--Yes. But we really have no idea if the insulation could (for example) melt, or get brittle, or is very soft and get pierced on a sharp corner when pulled through conduit, etc.. That is what the rest of the alphabet soup of regulatory classes and NEC/NRTL regulations use to determine if wire A is "safe/applicable" to application B.


    As long as you are passing low current through the wire and it does not get hot (and is not installed in a "hot" environment)--It should be fine. As always, do not run in direct sunlight. It must be protected from UV exposure (i.e., cannot run outside to solar panels, or on an exposed run from battery to load).

    I could not find any other rating information from the supplier regarding insulation properties.

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    Thank you Bill, as always your info and knowledge are appreciated. Your should maybe do a book.

    Yes this wire will not be outside and I'm not letting it near my direct battery or PV panel connections, really just for localized hookup with 12v DC items and nothing over 5 amp and as always put a fuse in.

    Thank you
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