Thinfilm technology today

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I am trying to develop a new type of roofing member that would be completely covered by a thinfilm panel of the size and type built by the old Uni-Solar company (ECD). The closest similar product seemed to be the Xunlight panels, but I understand they have also gone out of business. The ease of installation would make this type of product similar in cost to that of a stick-built roof, but at 1/5th the amount of time to install it, with the added benefit of providing electricity. Anyone know of any company manufacturing this type of PV panel?


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    Most of thin film is going out of business.
    The product is inexpensive, but then when the rate of labor and /or fabrication is applied to project costs, it just doesn't make any sense. Level of harvest is diminishing returns, heat makes the product extremely inferior,MOST thin film doesn't meet depreciation warranty, and in most cases has to be replaced sooner than later. So cost per watt during the life span of thin film PV goes up and investment suffers.

    Thin film has it's place in the PV world when it's blended as a hybrid technology that works with mono or poly cells(I.E) Panasonic HIT with amorphous.

    Thin film will eventually find it's niche in the market place as NANO technology gets better.

    But if you really need thin film, first solar is pretty much your top pick.

    This is an important must read article, explaining the difficulties of CIGS. This article completely missed the point of depreciation, but was on point with problems in the manufacturing processes and architecture.
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