Sorry I don't write all the manuals

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There have been many posts lately about batteries and the continuing confusion about how to recharge them. People are not only hearing garbage from Internet morons who think they are king of the sun, but also are misinterpreting data supplied by manufacturers.

Here is the one thing you can be sure of: follow the maker's recommendations, and then check to make sure your batteries are recharged. If it isn't, extending Absorb time is preferred, but may not be possible with a solar power system due to the short hours of daylight available (if possible avoid batteries that recommend very long Absorb times). Then you increase Absorb Voltage to try and make up for it. If that does not do it periodic corrective equalization is in order. But you must always check and recheck to see that your batteries are getting fully charged. Your meter isn't someone else's, your hydrometer isn't someone else's; you need to start with the recommended settings and then adjust so that your system works. If you can't handle this you're in big trouble and shouldn't be trying.

My batteries are on their six year, fully charged and no perceivable drop in capacity. But you don't have to listen to me; there are plenty of salesmen and idiots who accidentally got one or two RV systems to work who know better than an engineer with half a century's experience.


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    So glad to have your calm voice of reason back, Coot!
    SMA SB 3000, old BP panels.
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    Almost reminds me of the Tesla Power Wall threads! LOL
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